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Lotto Cup Final volleyball attracts over 10000 spectators @ Sportpaleis Antwerp.

For the second time in a row AB Sound took care of sound, light and special FX at the Lotto Cup Final volleyball for over 10000 spectators. Not only did we provide showlights, but also the sportslights where integrated in this production. Having full control of the sportslights allowed us to easily go into blackout at every break, or even integrate it into the lightshows we programmed between sets to entertain the audience.

Our Adamson-system covered the whole seating area, court and backstage so nobody was left in silence. Over 90 speakers, driven by Lab-Gruppen amplifiers got the job done.

Sparkulars, Confetti-shooters, Geysers and Sparkular JETS gave the winners (Knack Roeselare and Asterix Beveren) the finishing touch they deserved. Congratulations!


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