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Worksmarter by Teamleader @ Kuipke Gent

At the annual Worksmarter-event, Teamleader always wants to do bigger-better-bolder. So this time the mainstage of 35m wide was divided into 3 separate stages after the openingsspeech of CEO Jeroen De Wit. From one seat, people followed their stage of choice true a wireless headphone.

The separation of the stages was made through 40 beamlights.

Backlight shined through the holo-ledscreens to highlight the color corresponding to the headphone-channel assigned to this stage.

3 Panasonic 35K projectors were used for the 3 custom-build screens. (60m² each)

Chauvet Maverick MK3 Profile CX was the weapon of choice for key-lighting.

Six smaller stages were placed in domes at the floraliënhal.

For the Teamleader/Adminpulse/Visma-booth we installed a giant curved ledscreen in high-definition so each detail was clearly visible.

Part of the crew at load-out. NO CREW = NO SHOW!


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